First thoughts: School 2017

Who are you: School 2015 has always been one of my favourite kdramas to watch and after hearing about another addition to the “school” series I was excited! Judging from the first two episodes, I can definitely tell it’s not a show that will disappoint. School 2017 seems to be a perfect high school drama that deals with crushes, bullying, peer pressure and school pressure. In other words, it seems to be the perfect drama to capture the reality of student life in today’s generation. 

So far, the cast and plot line seem stellar. The first two episodes did not lack anything and in fact, it seems as though in each episode the plot will thicken. The storyline seems very realistic (well, minus the fact that normal schools don’t have a culprit like in the show). 

Also, this show seems to be a little more similar to “School 2013” than “Who are you: School 2015.” Why? Because both School 2013 and School 2017 seem to focus on most of the classmates and teachers while School 2015’s plot line is mainly based on the three main characters. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I like how they portray each student and their own personal difficulties.

As said before, the drama deals with the bad side of high school (bullying, peer pressure, etc) and the good side (friendships, crushes, etc). I really love how they don’t sweeten the bad side and how they don’t over exaggerate the good side. There some parts in the first two episodes that honestly made me cry and some which made me burst out laughing. 

If you are wondering whether or not to watch this show, trust me, watch it!


Did you watch School 2017? How did you find the show? Good? Average? Bad? Comment below!

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Watch List: And the Rest is History 

… And the rest is history. Itching to watch a new historical drama? Listed below are my top picks for historical Kdramas. Historical dramas are truly one of my favourite types of dramas as their plots always seem to based around conspiracy and vengance of some sort. If I miss one of your favourite dramas make sure to write a comment below to let me know!

-5) Faith

The storyline of Faith is something I would dream about. Who wouldn’t want an handsome man to bring you back into the past? As usual, this is another super hit by Lee Min Ho. It’s really good drama and I was glad the main lead isn’t some prince or king this time.

-4) Rooftop Prince 

Rooftop Prince was the first historical drama I watched and I really loved the plot line. The acting in this show is really well done and I honestly was not expecting the ending. However, this is an amazing drama that takes a few episodes to get addicted. I advise to not judge the drama based on the first episode. In my opinion, the first episode is not really that well done but the story does get WAY better in the second episode. 

-3) Sungkyunkwan Scandal 

Gender bending stories have also been my favourite and Sungkyunkwan Scandal is not exception. This show is the perfect balance of comedy and romance with a dash to action and mystery. Honestly there is an undeniable charm of this show that cannot be overlooked. The acting is fantastic but personally I loved the supporting characters than the lead couple. I will warn you that there is a high possibility of falling for the second lead in this drama. 

-2) Hwarang 

If there is one drama that I could watch over and over, it would be Hwarang. The reason I started watching Hwarang was because V (from BTS) was acting in the show. But honestly once I started the show I fell in love with the plot. The storyline is similar to something you would read in a novel. Also, I LOVED the supporting cast who made up the Hwarang group (which were mostly men *wink*). The only part of the show that makes it come second, is the character of the female lead. The female lead can be a tad annoying with her crying in basically every episode. If you have never seen an historical drama, I highly advise you watch this one!

-1) Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

I think many people can agree that Scarlet Heart Ryeo is one of the best historical dramas ever! Not only is the cast stunning, but their acting is unbelievably good and the storyline is amazingly bittersweet. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I will say this, this drama will make you shout, scream, smile and laugh. Trust me, even if you are not a fan of historical dramas, this is one kdrama that you don’t want to miss out on. Plus, to have so many handsome princes in one drama is certainly a treat.
Honorable mentions:

-> Splash Splash Love : Cute bite-sized historical drama!

-> Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds : Another gender bender historical Kdrama.

-> Queen In Hyun’s Man : Great time travel drama.

-> Gu Family Book : Great show to add to your list!

-> Dong Yi : A classic historical drama! Must see!

How was it? Do you agree with this list? Is there another drama that you think deserves to be on this list? Did you like it?

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Top 4 Worst Cases Where I Fell for the Second Lead & More

Falling for the second lead seems to be a common occurrence that happens a lot for me nowadays. As the second leads seem to get hotter by the second, my thirst for them grows everyday. This illness is known as SLS (Second Lead Syndrome). Hopefully, you can share my pain for falling for the second lead in the list below:

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Trot Lovers: A Hidden Kdrama Gem

Want to watch a Kdrama with a good plot, music and love triangle? Then Trot Lovers is the show for you! Trot Lovers follows the life of Choi Choon Hee (Jung Eun Ji), a marathon runner with a natural talent of singing. In order to pay off her family’s debt, Choon Hee makes a life changing decision to become a trot singer. Along the way, she meets Jang Joon Hyun (Ji Hyun Woo), an arrogant and stubborn pop star who’s hit rock bottom and Jo Geun Woo (Shin Shung Rok), the CEO of the company she works for. Will she be able to handle the problems that come her way and make it to the top? Continue reading “Trot Lovers: A Hidden Kdrama Gem”