First thoughts: School 2017

Who are you: School 2015 has always been one of my favourite kdramas to watch and after hearing about another addition to the “school” series I was excited! Judging from the first two episodes, I can definitely tell it’s not a show that will disappoint. School 2017 seems to be a perfect high school drama that deals with crushes, bullying, peer pressure and school pressure. In other words, it seems to be the perfect drama to capture the reality of student life in today’s generation. 

So far, the cast and plot line seem stellar. The first two episodes did not lack anything and in fact, it seems as though in each episode the plot will thicken. The storyline seems very realistic (well, minus the fact that normal schools don’t have a culprit like in the show). 

Also, this show seems to be a little more similar to “School 2013” than “Who are you: School 2015.” Why? Because both School 2013 and School 2017 seem to focus on most of the classmates and teachers while School 2015’s plot line is mainly based on the three main characters. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I like how they portray each student and their own personal difficulties.

As said before, the drama deals with the bad side of high school (bullying, peer pressure, etc) and the good side (friendships, crushes, etc). I really love how they don’t sweeten the bad side and how they don’t over exaggerate the good side. There some parts in the first two episodes that honestly made me cry and some which made me burst out laughing. 

If you are wondering whether or not to watch this show, trust me, watch it!


Did you watch School 2017? How did you find the show? Good? Average? Bad? Comment below!

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Top 4 Worst Cases Where I Fell for the Second Lead & More

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Love story: It’s complicated

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Common Things in Kdramas

There are many things you start to notice when you start watching Kdramas, you start to notice many shows have things in common. From falling for the second lead to girls pretending to be a guy, the list below are some common things I noticed in Kdramas.
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