Top 4 Worst Cases Where I Fell for the Second Lead & More

Falling for the second lead seems to be a common occurrence that happens a lot for me nowadays. As the second leads seem to get hotter by the second, my thirst for them grows everyday. This illness is known as SLS (Second Lead Syndrome). Hopefully, you can share my pain for falling for the second lead in the list below:

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Love story: It’s complicated

The wind blows by, the sun’s shining; it’s a beautiful day. Our story starts on top of a hill. On the hill, there’s two people; a man and a child. The child is innocent, pure, clueless of the hardships of the world. The man is strong, he’s endured all the hardships. On top of the hill, the story is told. The complicated story‚Ķ Continue reading “Love story: It’s complicated”

Common Things in Kdramas

There are many things you start to notice when you start watching Kdramas, you start to notice many shows have things in common. From falling for the second lead to girls pretending to be a guy, the list below are some common things I noticed in Kdramas.
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