Top 4 Worst Cases Where I Fell for the Second Lead & More

Falling for the second lead seems to be a common occurrence that happens a lot for me nowadays. As the second leads seem to get hotter by the second, my thirst for them grows everyday. This illness is known as SLS (Second Lead Syndrome). Hopefully, you can share my pain for falling for the second lead in the list below:

(1) Yook Sung Jae as Gong Tae Kwang in School 2015

This show was my worst case of SLS so far! Maybe for you too? I honestly fell so hard for Sung Jae’s character, the ending of the show was unbelievable and unbearable for me. This was a show in which I 100% believe the female lead should have ended up with Tae Kwang. To be honest, through out the show, I had actually though Tae Kwang was the main lead! This was the most unexpected and unbearable second lead syndrome for me. I was truly disappointed with this show’s ending.

(2) Seo Kang Joon as Baek In Ho in Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap was one of those shows where you knew who the main girl was going to end up with, but you fell for the second lead anyway. In this show, I felt as though In Ho deserved Hong Seol more than Yoo Jung. I was not that impressed with Yoo Jung’s character and think In Ho would be a better fit for Seoul, but we all can’t get what we want…

(3) Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do in Heirs 

I think we can all agree that we fell hard for Kim Woo Bin in Heirs, can we not? The thing about us girls is that we fall for the second lead when he treats her better or/and when we feel as though the second lead needed the female lead more because he was more damaged. In Heirs, the case was the latter. I felt as though Young Do’s character needed Eun Sang more than Kim Tan. Not only that, I honestly felt that there was more chemistry between Young Do and Eun Sang. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lee Min Ho but I got more fells from Kim Woo Bin in this show. Maybe it was the impression his eyebrows gave or how hot he was, I had SLS hard in Heirs because of Kim Woo Bin.

(4) Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon in Sassy go go (Cheer up!)

The main reason why I started watching this show was my love for Ji Soo. So when I started this show, the person I was looking out most for was Ji Soo. Don’t get me wrong Lee Won Geun was cute, but Ji Soo was cuter. Like Heirs, this was a show where I felt as though the second lead needed the female lead because he was more damaged. I was really hoping for Ji Soo to get the girl…

Honorable mentions:

-> Lee Hyun-Woo as Eun-Gyeol in To the beautiful you

This was a show where the second lead treated the female lead so nicely it’s impossible not to fall for him.

-> Lee Tae-Sung as Joon Gu in Playful kiss

This is a show where you don’t really fall for the second lead but you cry when he cries and smile when he smiles. This was a show where my heart really went out for the second lead and when he cried, I literally shed a tear.

-> Ji Soo as Kim Soo-cheol in Doctor Crush (Third Lead Syndrome?…)

Ji Soo wasn’t a main lead in this show, but was acting more like a supporting character. However, one cannot deny the chemistry between Ji Soo and Park Shin Hye. I really hope they get to act together in another show in the future, they would make a good couple.

-> Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun in  Kill me Heal me

This was my first show where the second lead was the same person but different personalitiy.


In all, second leads are amazing and sometimes we can’t help but fall for them. To all second leads that have had their heart broken by the femal lead, PICK ME cause…

How was this list? Did you like it? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any suggestions? Did you get SLS in any of these shows?

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