Hindi Movie Review: Dishoom

India’s star cricketer, Viraj (Saqid Saleem), is kidnapped before an India-Pakistan match. Special agent Kabir (John Abraham) is put on the task. Aided by Junaid (Varun Dhawan), both men set out on finding the missing cricketer. Along the way, they are introduced to many characters, including Ishika (Jacqueline Fernandez) who has the hots for Kabir. With 36 hours on the clock, will Kabir and Junaid be able to rescue Viraj?


Dishoom was a complete masala packed movie worth watching. The plot mainly focuses on John Abraham and Varun Dhawan. John Abraham takes the role of a hard-headed top notch Indian officer, named Kabir, who sometimes takes justice in to his own hands. While Varun takes a more funny role as a rookie police officer, named Junaid. Personally, I love when Varun does more comical roles similar to his acting in Main Tera Hero and Dilwale.

In the beginning, Junaid and Kabir are trying to figure out what happened the night of Viraj’s kidnapping. They meet a few dead ends and special appearances were made by Nargis Fakhri and Akshay Kumar. It is revealed that both Nargis and Akshay had met Viraj on the night of his kidnapping. However, neither of them know the location of Viraj. The special appearance of Akshay Kumar was hilarious. Akshay had taken the role of a rich gay playboy and honestly I could not stop laughing at his scenes.

Later on in the movie, we are introduced to Jacqueline Fernandez’s flirty character, Ishika who is a thief and later forms a crush on Kabir. Later, we see a few more characters such as Akshaye Khanna’s character, Wagah. Wagah is shown to be Viraj’s kidnapper, due to him being in major debt after loosing many bets. As the film continues, we join Kabir and Junaid as they rescue Viraj.

The music numbers in this film were very good and very very catchy. I can’t even express how many times I had ‘Toh Dishoom’ or ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ stuck in my head during the week! Both songs are awesome to add to your car playlist. The only song I was not quite fond of was ‘Jaaneman Ah’ as I personally did not like the lyrics or tune.

The movie did follow a very predictable plot. Obviously by the end of the movie, Viraj would be rescued in time for the match. In terms of direction, the plot did not really go anywhere. In the beginning of the movie Viraj was kidnapped and by the end, he was rescued. There was not really anything that made me gasp. This movie is good for a time pass comedy-action film to take your mind off work or home. If you are looking for a movie to really emerge yourself in the plot, I would recommend Rustom.

Besides the plot, the writing in the this movie was great. The dialogues were very well-written and helped to complete each actor in there role. John’s lines were short and stern. Varun’s were long and very funny. While, Jacqueline’s lines were sly and flirty. My favorite line had to be Varun’s, “Tu Munna Bhai hoga lekin main Circuit nahi hoon… tu Batman hoga lekin main Birdman nahi hoon… tu hero hoga lekin ab main bhi hero hoon.” (You may be Munna Bhai but I’m not Circuit man…. You may be Batman but I’m not bird man…… You may be a hero, but now even I’m a hero).

All in all, Dishoom is a great summer movie to have a nice laugh, listen to great music numbers and enjoy fantastic writing.

Rating: 4/5


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