Love story: It’s complicated

The wind blows by, the sun’s shining; it’s a beautiful day. Our story starts on top of a hill. On the hill, there’s two people; a man and a child. The child is innocent, pure, clueless of the hardships of the world. The man is strong, he’s endured all the hardships. On top of the hill, the story is told. The complicated story…

“Alex?” The boy questions as he breaks the silence. The boy was young, no older than eight years as he sat next to a man nearly triple his age.

“Yeah?” The man, Alex, replies as he glances down at the child.

With a sigh, the boy begins to talk. “I have a close friend-” The boy inches closer to Alex, “-very close friend.”

“She’s like a girlfriend friend,” the boy states with a small smile. “But it’s complicated”

The man smiles with a knowing grin and shakes his head. “It’s easy. It’s love”

“Love?” The boy asks with a frown. “Have you ever done this? This love?”

The man smiles, thinking back on his memories, “I did, I am and I always will.”


“Left here,” Alex calls out the direction to his house as he’s seated on his best friend’s bike.

“I know-” the girl replied laughing, “- I’ve been there many times before.”

This girl was Alisa. Alisa was beautiful, that was no lie. With her long luscious brown locks and innocent smile, she could any man fall in love with her. She had been friends with him since high school and it had been his pure luck that they ended up in the same college.

“See you tomorrow,” Alisa called out as she waved good bye to Alex at the front of his house. Turning around, she got back on her motorcycle and drove off, unaware of the loving eyes which followed her.

These eyes belonged to Alex.

Alex gazed at Alisa as she drove into the horizon with a smile on his face. She was the girl. The girl he loved, he loves and the one he will always love. Alisa.


“My story was a little like your story, complicated,” Alex started.


“What were you thinking-” Alisa’s dad shouted over a non-specific topic. “- going out in that dress!”

Alisa glanced at the ground as she closed her eyes. She had gotten used to her father’s tantrums relating to her life, this was nothing new.

“And you-” Alisa’s father pointed at Alex. “- don’t you agree?”

“Of course sir,” Alex says with a convincing smile while Alisa stares at him in shock. Alex just gives her a sly grin as her father starts his yelling again. Alex, too, was a custom to Alisa’s father’s never ending talks. After all, both Alisa and Alex were neighbors.

Standing behind Alisa’s father, Alex started to dance, doing all kind of weird and absurd dance moves. His moves ranged from the sprinkler to the chicken dance.

Alisa fought a smile as she glanced at her friend’s antics behind her father. Noticing Alisa’s change of face, her father spoke up, “Hey! You listening?”

“Yes father,” Alisa said with a small grin.

A while later, both Alex and Alisa walk together under an umbrella. Alisa was walking Alex home because it was raining.

“Seriously!” Alisa states as she elbows Alex in the chest.

“Hey! What did I do?” Alex laughs. Alisa just shakes her head and rolls her eyes in response.

As the couple walked in silence, Alex glanced at Alisa. He was contemplating whether or not to put his arm around her shoulder. After contemplation, instead of placing his arm on her shoulder, he made his arm in a fist, while his arm remained an inch away from Alisa’s shoulder.

Alex would always be Alex, afraid of making a move because he didn’t want to lose Alisa forever. Maybe if he had the courage and took a chance, he could actually get the girl. But he never did.


“I thought a thousand times.” Alex started. “To tell her that she wasn’t my friend, she was my girlfriend. But what could I do, the fear of losing her forever never left my heart.”

“And then one day, I decided. I decided I’ll tell her.”


Alex smiled as he glanced in his mirror. He was wearing his best suit, he had styles his hair and for the first time in weeks, shaved. How could he not? Today was day, today was the day he was going to tell Alisa he loved. The most important day of his life.

“Excited?” His mother asks standing behind Alex. Everybody knew about Alex’s love for Alisa. Instead of replying, Alex just kissed his mother’s forehead and ran out the front door.

He ran to Alisa’s house and threw open the front door gate. He ran across the front lawn and stopped in front of the door. With a sigh, he pressed the doorbell and the door opened.

Alex smiled and opened his mouth to speak.


“Alex!” A familiar voice called out interrupting their story.

Both males turned to face the woman who had called them. The woman was none other than Alisa, who was standing at the top of the girl with a smile.

“Mom!” The boy cried out excitedly as he got up to greet his mother.

Alex smiled up at Alisa, the same loving smile that hadn’t changed in years. She hadn’t changed, she looked the same. She glanced down at him in her beautiful white dress and smiled.

“Come on my boy!” The voice of a man called out as he came to stand next to Alisa and put an arm around her shoulder.

“Coming daddy,” the boy,Alex, said as he walked up.

“Did you say bye to Alex?” Alisa asks her son.

The boy turned around and said, “Bye Alex! Don’t forget you have to finish your story next time.” And with that, the family walked off.

Alex never really got the girl. He never got to be the one to hold her hand, or kiss her. He never got the chance to say her loved because someone beat him to it. Instead, he watched her fall in love. He watched her look someone in the eyes the same way he would look at her. He watched her walk the aisle. He forever remained the nice guy.

But it’s didn’t matter. Alex didn’t care if Alisa didn’t love him or if she never became his. All he cared about was that Alisa was happy. And if Alisa was happy with another man, what could he do? He knew he could never forget Alisa, he knew he would always love her. But it was okay. He didn’t need Alisa to love him back. He just wanted Alisa to be happy.


This story is inspired and based of the music video ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon

Hey guys!

How was it?

This is a link to the video: Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon

I advise you guys watch the video. Although it is a Hindi music video, you cannot ignore the feels in the video.


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