Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Episode 1 Recap

I have been waiting to see this show since I saw the teaser! And I can happily say I was not disappointed. The first episode was amazing!

This show is about Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) who has superpower strength and becomes the bodyguard of Ah Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), whilst being in love with her high school crush, In Gook Doo (Ji Soo).

The episode starts with….

The episode starts off with our male lead, Ah Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), seated in a public bus with flowers obviously heading off somewhere. Along the way, the bus he was sitting in gets a punctured tire and the driver is unable to take control and stop the vehicle. Just as it’s about to crash into a lady and her child, it stops. Min Hyuk, who was sitting at the back of the bus, glanced back and saw a glimpse of a girl. The girl, who we can positively guess and say is Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), casually walks away from the bus as if she didn’t save a bunch of people’s lives.

Then, just as we’re about to get a glimpse of Bong Soon, Ah Min Hyuk awakens from his dream, which we can tell was probably a memory that he has. He then receives an anonymous phone call threatening him to shut his game ‘Alberta’ down. Being the boss that Min Hyuk is, he says, “If you want to threaten someone, you need to let them sleep for the threat to sink in. If I were awake this would actually be scary!” Then as the caller continues to talk, Min Hyuk hangs up. This is our intro to Ah Min Hyuk, CEO of AIN Softwares.

Do Bong Soon casually sits on her desk eating ramen, as she gets a text stating that she got rejected from a job interview. She scrolls through her resume and lands on the personal response section which is blank. (Probably why she got rejected). And then she starts to tell her story. The story of Do Bong Soon, the girl with the strength of Hercules.

The reason behind Bong Soon’s power is a Strength Abilities Journal. Whoever read the journal gains the powers. However, the powers must never be used to for personal gain or they will be taken away. All those who read the journal with the intention to gain the powers, never receive them. However, if one were to ignore the strength giving words, they would gain the power.

This person, who gained the abilities, was none other than Bong Soon’s mother. But since her mother started to use the powers for her own gain, they went away. When her mother gave birth to twins, the powers were passed on to Do Bong Soon, who at birth, punched her doctor unconscious. That scene was hilarious!

Bong Soon reveals how she despises living in secret and keeping her powers hidden. There were many times when she wanted to do something against evil doers, but didn’t because of the backlash she would receive for revealing her powers.

Bong Soon also struggles to find a job. Since high school, she had tried everything from working at a call center to farming. However, none of them worked out. She believes she’s met her calling at gaming. And you wouldn’t believe that Bong Soon’s favorite game is ‘Alberta’ whose CEO is Min Hyuk.

We then jump to Min Hyuk who’s looking chic as always, riding on a hoverboard (which he does often in the show). Min Hyuk realizes he’s being followed and jumps off the hover board to chase the man. However, the man gets away and the scene ends by Min Hyuk saying he needs to get a bodyguard.

We then go to an elderly man driving a school bus who has to stop the bus, due to a truck parked in the middle of the road. The school bus driver asks for the truck to be moved, but is rejected and attacked.

Then Bong Soon arrives on scene and contemplates about whether or not getting involved. She decides on contacting the police but is cut off by another man (we’ll call him Big Boss). Big Boss starts harasses her and starts to really test her patience. She almost loses it when he throws her phone on the ground and it gets cracked. Last to arrive on scene is Min Hyuk, who is just in time to witness Bong Soon in action.

Do Bong Soon then goes to the police station where she contemplates on opening the door to face her crush, police officer In Gook Doo(Ji Soo). This hesitation is seen by Min Hyuk (he’s the one who called the police). Gook Doo informs Bong Soon that that the case seems impossible since the children who are witnesses are not liable in court. However, the driver’s testimony could land her in jail, unless the person who called in the report is found.

 Then enters, Min Hyuk who declines that Bong Soon had anything to do with the case and that the (bad) men had fought against themselves. He says that children say anything and their imaginations probably run wild since they’ve seen ‘Avengers.’ To make this scene every more funny, is hearing the gangsters shouts and mutters of complaints as Min Hyuk says this. In other words, Oppa saves Unni!

As they exit the station, Bong Soon comments on how if Min Hyuk were a man then he should have done something, instead of watching her stand up for herself. Despite knowing the truth about Bon Soon, Oppa smiles and says he finds Bong Soon ‘sexy’.

Later, we get a scene of Bong Soon’s mother again, who owns a walnut and pastry shop. Over there, her mother taunts her for not having a job and states she should just get married.

Back at the police station, one of the police officers query about the ‘Avenger’ girl (Bong Soon) and Gook Doo reveals they were high school buddies.

At the hospital, where the men Bong Soon injured are residing, we see them walking a rounding and yelling profanities and gibberish. (It’s hilarious!). The doctors at the hospital are appalled by the state of the injuries. Yet, we see one man at the back looking uncomfortable and we can assume he knows it’s Bong Soon caused the injuries.

Flashback to 1997: Do Bong Soon and Do Bong Gi kidnapping case. (The uncomfortable doctor was probably her twin). Whilst in the car with their kidnapper, Bong Soon kicks the door open in order to escape. Yet, the kidnapper is still on their tail, chasing them in the car in order to kill them. Just as he’s about to run them over, Bong Soon steps in front of Bong Gi and stops the moving car with her bare hands.

We flash back to present time, where Bong Soon and Bong Gi are sitting together in the living room. Bong Gi warns Bong Soon to not use her powers for greed.

The next day, we see Min Hyuk punching a punching bag as he thinks about the man who was stalking him. At his company, when given a list of bodyguards to chose from, Min Hyuk asks his secretary to find out more about Bong Soon. At the station, Gook Doo refrains from giving her inform stating that he cannot give someone’s personal information out.

We see that Gook Doo is strict uptight policeman who always abides the law. We even see a time where Gook Doo dresses as a girl to arrest someone (at that scene I was laughing so much I was crying).

Sadly, the man was an assemblyman and Gook Doo paid a great deal of backlash for it. His attempt to arrest the man angered his superiors, so he was transferred to the ‘worst’ station. At Do Bong station, we see how laid back all the other police officers are.

Min Hyuk ends up getting Bong Soon’s number through one of his friends at the station.

Min Hyuk’s secretary calls Bong Soon for a job interview. At the interview, Bong Soon remains very nonchalant and is not interested in becoming Min Hyuk’s bodyguard. That is, before she realises he is the CEO of AIN Software (a company she loves). After hearing this, she’s willing to meet Min Hyuk.

At Bong Soon’s mother’s restaurant, Bong Soon’s mother and a few of her friends are seated. In enters Gook Doo’s mother, who we can see Bong Soon’s mother does not like. Inside, Gook Doo’s mother secretly snitches on Bong Soon, revealing her police station visit.

At homes, Bong Soon’s mother rushes to Bong Soon, hitting her and warning her about her powers. Bong Soon tells her mother that nothing bad happened to her and that she was fine.

At their family dinner, Bong Soon gets a call from Gook Doo (and she gets all giddy). Gook Doo warns her that the people who she had met were bad people (people she beat up) and that she should not go out late at night. He goes on to say that he’ll give Bong Soon a taser for her safety. Just as Bong Soon’s about to say something back, he hangs up (WTF!).

Bong Soon then rolls on her bed, giddy from the call. She falls off, which causes the whole house to shake. (The cute thing is that her family are so used to Bong Soon, they’re not even fazed by the occurrence).

Then comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Bong Soon goes to Min Hyuk regarding her job. After a few minutes of chitter chatter, Min Hyuk asks Bong Soon for an arm wrestle (like we see in the teaser). Obviously, Bong Soon wins (Duh).

After signing the contract, Min Hyuk demands that his secretary and Bong Soon have a chicken fight. He says that if the secretary wins, he’ll get his car. Long story short, Bong Soon wins and the poor secretary ends up in the hospital. Later, as Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are talking, Min Hyuk agrees that if Bong Soon does a good job as a bodyguard, he would give her a chance to enter the Planning and Development department of AIN Software.

As Bong Soon walks home at night, we see that someone is following her. Luckily, she makes it home okay. Inside her room, she gets a text from Gook Doo calling outside. Outside her house, Gook Doo hands Bong Soon a taser (as he promised). But then he acts like a jerk again. Just as Bong Soon was about to make small talk, he cuts her off and says he needs to go home. (What a jerk!). On top of that, we find out he has a girlfriend. This is probably one of the first shows I’ve seen where the second lead is jerk and the first lead is nice.

Then, it cuts to some random girl walking home and we get the same eerie feeling of someone watching her. We get sight of a man following her. The girl runs and the guy runs after her…. Next morning, we see a dead body (of the same girl from last night) in Do Bong neighborhood.

That day, when Bong Soon went to work and entered Min Hyuk’s office, she caught site of a cyber threat on his computer. Min Hyuk reveals the reason he needs a bodyguard is because of recent threats he has been receiving. He doesn’t want to involve the police because he doesn’t trust them, but wishes to catch the culprit on his own and asks Bong Soon to help him. They make a deal. If Bong Soon helps him catch the culprit, he’ll transfer her into the Planning and Development department for her to create her game.

Just as they finish talking, Min Hyuk receives a phone call. “Don’t be scared just yet. You don’t know what’ll happen next,” the anonymous caller says.


How did you guys find the first episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? Are you getting SLS (second lead syndrome)? How do you like Ji Soo are a main character? Whose team are you on? Team Hyung Sik or Team Ji Soo?

Comment below!


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