New to Kdramas?

Kdramas can be intimidating when just starting, especially seeing the range of different numbers of dramas out there. It can be confusing understanding which one to watch and understanding different Korean concepts.

Before watching Kdramas, here’s some things to take note of:

1) Most, if not all, Kdramas have romance
One of the most addicting things about Kdramas is the chemistry between the female lead and male leads. Most Kdramas comprise of either a love triangle, slow burn love story, revenge love story or maybe even SLS (Second Lead Syndrome). If you’re not down for romance, then maybe Kdramas aren’t for you.(I’m not saying all Kdramas contain romance, but majority of the ones I’ve seen do).

2) Most shows are only one season
One of the things that came as a shock to me when I started watching Kdramas, was the fact that most shows only had one season. Unlike American or British shows which seem to have numerous seasons and run on forever, Kdramas normally usually have only one season. However, there are some really popular shows that do get reboots.

3) Kdramas have longer episodes
Although Kdramas only have one season, their episodes are usually a lot longer than your average American show. Most American shows run for 45 minutes while Kdramas usually run for about one hour.

4) A kiss is a Big Thing
Unlike American tv shows, a kiss in a Kdrama is a big thing. I personally find (after watching Kdramas), that a kiss in an American show is underrated. In most American shows, you will find a kiss happening in almost every episode without much meaning. In Kdramas, you’ll find yourself chanting for the leads to kiss in the first episode but they probably only do until the 8th or 10th episode. But in a way, this is good. I find myself valuing a kiss much more after watching Kdramas.

5) Kdramas are dramatic
Probably the reason why Korean tv shows are known as ‘Kdramas,’ is because they are so dramatic. The plots of all Kdramas are always over the top and shocking. You’ll always find them exaggerating a situation or have an unpredictable ending to an episode. Though in some shows, it drama is over the top, but in others, the drama keeps the show entertaining and interesting for the 60 minutes.

6) Marriage is a Big Thing
You’ll find many times in Korean shows that the concept of marriage is a huge deal. You’ll always find that if a female lead does not marry by her 30s, then it’s made into a huge deal and she needs to be married immediately. Also, like many Asian countries, arranged marriages do occur.

7) Kdramas are addicting ‍‍
If you find yourself watching Kdramas and adapting to their odd customs, then expect to get addicted. Once started, Kdramas can be a hard thing to stop, and I can tell you that firsthand.


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