Common Things in Kdramas

There are many things you start to notice when you start watching Kdramas, you start to notice many shows have things in common. From falling for the second lead to girls pretending to be a guy, the list below are some common things I noticed in Kdramas.
Otherwise known as the Second Lead Syndrome. Since many Kdramas are based around a love triangle, many times you find yourself falling more for the second male lead, rather than the first. However, most times the second lead doesn’t get the girl.

Show- Heirs. Amazing show but I fell for the second lead so hard!
Eyes open kiss
Almost every Kdramas has that kiss. You know, where the dude kisses the girl and she’s shocked and her eyes are wide open? The deer in the headlights kiss? It happens in so many Kdramas that I’ve lost count.

Overly exaggerated first kiss
A kiss is a Big Thing in a Kdrama. Many times, you’ll find that one kiss will take about 60 seconds. This includes slow motion and showcasing the kiss in almost every angle.

Girl pretending to be a guy
Every since I’ve started watch Kdramas I’ve seen sooooo many shows that show a girl pretending to be a guy. I love these plots because they’re always comedic and entertaining. Since in Korea, it’s common to find men with feminine features, these plots sometimes seem realistic. If you haven’t seen a Kdrama with a girl pretending to be a guy, I recommend you watch one now.
Here are some Kdramas with girl pretending to be a guy that I’ve seen so far:

  • To the beautiful you
  • Bromance
  • You’re beautiful
  • Coffee prince
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Show- Bromance (left) and You’re beautiful (right) Bromance is probably one of my favourite Korean dramas. I would definitely recommend you watch the show!
Cinderella plot

The Cinderella-style plot is very common in Korean dramas. Many times, you’ll find the poor girl ending up with the rich guy. This type of plot is used very often, yet somehow, you can never get tired of it.

Arm grabbing (Wrist grab)
There always is that iconic moment where the hero grabs that girls arm. I always wonder how the girls arm doesn’t jump out of her socket. This scene is so common, something you don’t even realise it.

Show- Who are you: School 2015 Sigh…. the iconic wrist grab.
Ugly to pretty
It seems that Korean dramas have thing about the girl being the underdog. It’s becoming popular for the girl to be ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ and then turn out to be ‘beautiful’. Many times in plots like this they show that ‘fat girl’ gets plastic surgery or they show the ‘ugly girl’ gets a makeover.

Show- She was pretty

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